A Unique Collaboration

It all started when a question and a wish collided

The Forced Connections book is an exciting collaboration project between Janice Francisco, founder and CEO of BridgePoint Effect and Michael Kobrin, founder and CEO of Creaity and Kobrin Photography.

It started with a question from Michael - "how might we collaborate?" and the expression of a wish from Janice - "it would be great if I had a high quality picture book to use with clients in creative problem solving workshops. Eighteen months and a few prototypes later, Forced Connections is now available for purchase. 


Hardcover version   $45 CAD
Softcover version     $30 CAD

Now Available 

Stimulate new and unconventional ways of thinking

Forced Connections is a visual thinking tool that links an unrelated object or image to a particular challenge or opportunity that you are facing. Using any one of the 33 inspiring images in the book as an external trigger, your mind will be "forced" into new and unconventional ways of thinking. The book can be used for brainstorming and ideation sessions, team-building activities, or as an inspirational coffee table book. It's the perfect thinking catalyst for anyone interested in finding creative solutions to business or personal challenges!


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